Startup Studio

In-house development agency

Brick River Lab was an inaugural partner of Imagination Machine from the launch of it's first batch of startups in September 2017. Today Brick River Lab is the in-house development agency for Imagination Machine providing web development services to all the new startups founded by the studio.

Coding Bootcamp

Inaugural partner of the Nantes campus

Brick River Lab has been a partner with Wild Code School since the opening of it's Nantes campus, providing student projects and internships for the students. We pride ourselves on a pedagogical approach to internships. Interns work side by side with a senior developer, participate in code reviews, and are given time for learning new concepts.

Digital Life in Nantes

Member and resident of the Cantine

Brick River Lab (in different forms) has been a member of La Cantine since 2011 and has been a resident since September 2017 working out of the Imagination Machine space.